Welcome to Common Threads!
What is Common Threads?
Here at Common Threads we pride ourselves on individuality, our love for fashion, and our ability to bring city-like fashion to small-town, Iowa! We offer a variety of clothing & accessories for women and your littles. Come shop with us, and we promise to help you with find just what you are looking for ✨
Who is Kelsey?
Hey ya'll! I am Kelsey, the owner and founder of Common Threads Boutique. I started this boutique in 2017. I just got done with my first year of teaching and was currently selling clothes through a well-known MLM. I had a not-so-great first year of teaching and didn't love the clothing I sold because I felt it wasn't "me". So, I quit teaching and was going to open a boutique and coffee shop in Denison. I told myself the only way I would go back to teaching is if there was an opening in two places, and there was. So, I applied. From there I took a job where I grew up, at Boyer Valley as a first grade teacher. Therefore, I put my dream on hold for a more stable income. I absolutely loved where I worked, but after having my twin babies and dreamt of the flexibility I could have, I decided to race towards my dream as a full-time boutique owner. So here I am today, working to complete my dreams one piece of clothing at a time! 
Where did the name Common Threads come from?
Remember above I mentioned I wanted to have a boutique and coffee shop combined? Yes, let's go back to that. The summer of 2017 I took a trip to Magnolia with some work friends. There was a coffee truck there named Common Grounds. I became obsessed with the name. The simplicity, the meaning, and all the possibilities the name could complete. Of course, they meant "grounds" as in coffee grounds. For me, grounds also meant a place of commonality for meeting, a place for events, a place for socializing, a place for shopping, and a place to get a good ole' caffeine high. But when the teaching position came up, I knew I had to put my store front on hold and just try out the boutique side of it in my home. I wanted a synonym for clothing or fashion, and therefore was born the name threads. Common Threads. 
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