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June 14, 2019

Fourth of July Must-Haves

I don't know how this is possible, but another 4th of July is just right around the corner! A time for family fun in the sun! I found some fun Amazon finds that are pretty much essential for a good time. Click each picture below to shop. 
Pool Cooler - perfect for adding drinks, snacks, and fun stuff for the kiddos!
Stars & Stripes headband - keep that hair out of your face! 
Bold Swim Suits of Course. 

June 12, 2019

Father's Day Gifts 2019

Well, four days until Father's Day. And I am last minute. Here are some of Amazon's most picked items! If you ordered TODAY, June 12th, you'll get them just in time! 
Click on each picture below to shop that item: 
We all know that dad that NEVER gets a new wallet...

 And we know dads love their loafers...

Nothing makes them feel as manly as grilling...

Classic button down tees...

...and classic tumblers! 


These are just a few items but if you search on Amazon "Fathers Day gifts" you'll find so many more! 



June 6, 2019

Stadium Approved Bags

Heading into the next few weeks in the Omaha area, we all know what is coming. College World Series. Yes! I love this time of the year. The thought of going to the baseball games, beer in my hand. Then I get there. It's hot. I'm sweating. My thighs are sticking to the stadium seats. I'm tired of baseball after the fourth inning. But hey, maybe that's just me. 


One thing I always forget about during this time of the year is security. I 100% appreciate the safety factor of select purses only being allowed in the stadium. It is an amazing change... if you're prepared. So I am here to help you out! Here are some of Amazon's top choices for cute, stadium-approved, clear bags! Be prepared so you don't have to throw away your bag when you get there...

Click on the images below to shop pieces. 

*affiliate links*


All these purses are cute, affordable, and most importantly essential for you to get into the College World Series, or ANY sporting events now. Happy Shopping! 

June 4, 2019

School is finally out. Throughout the year you become so connected to your students. You learn their favorite TV shows, what condiments they like and don't when helping them with lunch, you hear about their home lives, you see how much they have grown throughout the year. The end of the year is always bittersweet. Hate to see them go, but love to watch them leave to move onto the next stage of their lives. 

Along with this time of the year, it becomes hectic for teachers. Final grades, PD, cleaning our rooms, and already looking ahead to the next year are just some of the things we do the last few weeks before and after school end. 

If you're like me, you can occasionally add seasonal depression to the mix. If you live in the midwest, you know what we are talking about.

Rain, rain, and more rain. It seems we have more rain that sun lately, and it has seemed to take a tole on my overall health. 

No motivation. No goals set. No will to clean, go out, or be social. Our last PD for the year was a training over mental health and the importance of it now. So many kids face challenges at home and come to school with them. Along with student mental health, teachers have to be able to be healthy themselves first before helping others. I really enjoy talking about mental health and what it means and how to get out of our "funks". Yesterday we talked about how important it is to reach out to someone if you're feeling down. If you are, we talked about or stress relievers. Do you have one? Who do you go to? What do you go to? I've never thought about it, honestly, until yesterday. But here are mine: 

  1. Go on a walk with my dog 
  2. Organize or clean my house 
  3. Spend some time on social medias (Instagram being my favorite) and catch up with what everyone is doing


We also discussed how important it is to point out the good if not everyday, at least once a week. What are three good things that happened this week that made you smile or excited you? 

My takeaway from our training yesterday was this: 

Mental health should not come with a  label. It should not be a stigma. Reach out if and when needed because everyone is fighting their own battles and could use a friend. Also remember: 

Photo credit: Instagram - @positivelypresent

May 6, 2019

It's May. The most dreaded time of year for a teacher. Students are checked out, patience is running thin, and the teachers walk down the hall like zombies. People always say teachers have it so easy. Yeah, we get off 2 months in the summer, but if you ran around like we do all year, I technically think we work a years worth within like, 9 months? So, therefore we do our duty, right?!
The one thing that takes my mind off stress and is my absolute favorite thing in the world, you ask? Spending money. I can spend money like nobody's business - even when I shouldn't. But here are my favorite things to spend money on (or at least look)  at the moment. Click the images for the link. 

Summer Purses

Shoes..and more shoes. 
Currently in my cart...
Mesh Dresses
Those are my favorite go-to's at the moment. Home decor ideas coming soon. 
xoxo, Kels